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 “Doing Right for Your Alberta”

My experience in small business, agriculture, forestry & engineering enables me to understand the people of this riding on a number of levels. Having raised my family in Cochrane for the past 10 years.  I want to ensure the health and prosperity of our constituency.

 I look forward to serving the people Airdrie – Bearspaw – Cochrane.

 Peter-Guthrie UCP Airdrie - Cochrane

Peter-Guthrie UCP Airdrie - Cochrane


“My name is Peter Guthrie and I, along with my wife Tracy and our children Mitchell and Camryn, have called Cochrane home for the last 10 years.  Since the NDP took office in April 2015, I have felt compelled to enter politics in order to help bring some common sense thinking to the Legislature.  With a professional engineering, agricultural and entrepreneurial background, I could not see how a left-wing party was to navigate our province through tough economic times.”

My family was originally from Ontario, but moved west and settled in Fort Saskatchewan where I graduated from high school in 1987.  I put myself through the Chemical Engineering Program at the University of Alberta, earned my professional designation in 1992 and found employment in northern Alberta’s pulp and paper sector.  In 1995 my new wife Tracy and I moved to Vancouver where I continued to utilize my engineering, sales, and marketing skill set.  As my experience and responsibilities grew, I traveled to various mill locations in North America and around the world.

Our work was rewarding, but a family tragedy compelled us to return to Alberta and help my father-in-law run his ranch.  For almost a decade we lived a rural life with our young children, enduring drought and the BSE crisis.   Over time I became a respected rancher in the area, but as mid-life approached we decided to challenge our comfort circles yet again.

In 2009 we purchased a franchise retail business in northeast Calgary and moved our little family to Cochrane, a community that had the rural feel to which we had become accustomed.  We experienced early and sustained success in our small business which we ran until August of 2017 when we decided to sell the store and pursue a new calling.

I want to help the new United Conservative Party of Alberta restore our province to its former glory.  I believe I have what it takes to become an effective, successful politician.  In order to be a grassroots organization, party policy will need to be clear, decisive and differentiated in some way from previous platforms.  Bottom-up change should include a mix of experienced party members and candidates demonstrating experience in other sectors; my profile aligns with this objective.

I hope I can count on your support.




Professional Engineer:

Pete is a Chemical Engineer who focused on sales, marketing and optimizing product usage in the pulp and paper industry for 8 years.

Alberta Rancher:

Pete became a respected rancher near Consort, Alberta, developing skills and knowledge in managing herd health, farming, negotiating surface lease contracts and maintaining machinery.

Small Business Owner/Operator:

Pete is an experienced small business owner who ran a successful retail store in Calgary for 8 years before deciding to pursue a voice in politics.

  • Stimulate Economy

    Improve the economy through lowering taxes, repealing the carbon tax, supporting small business and stimulating job creation.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Promote fiscal responsibility by balancing the budget, reducing redundant bureaucracy and getting a new deal on equalization.

  • Family Needs

    Consider family needs by defending choice in education, reducing health care wait times and respecting diversity.