Guthrie presents platform for UCP nomination

Guthrie presents platform for UCP nomination



Peter Guthrie and FamilyPeter Guthrie with his wife Tracy and 19-year-old son Mitchell.

On May 10, Peter Guthrie held a meet and greet to talk about his campaign as he seeks a United Conservative Party (UCP) nomination for the newly formed Airdrie-Cochrane riding.

Along with his with Tracy and children Mitchell, age 19, and Camryn, age 17, Guthrie has been living in Cochrane for the past nine years.

He was a small business owner for eight years and when the business sold in August 2017, he thought it was perfect timing to go into politics.

“Since the NDP took control of the legislature in April 2015, I have decided to become politically engaged in bringing about change,” said Guthrie.

“I cannot see how a left-wing party is going to navigate our province through tough economic times.”

He thinks that his previous experience owning a small business, working in agriculture as a rancher, and educational background in forestry and engineering will help him to understand the people of this riding on different levels.

Some of the main issues Guthrie will be addressing in his platform include balancing the budget, lowering taxes, creating jobs, reducing wait times in healthcare.

“We don’t want to be burdening these future generations with spending into perpetuity, which is what’s been going on both federally and provincially,” Guthrie said.

“We’re getting ourselves into a situation that we can’t get out of.”

As he previously owned a Mr. Lube in Calgary, Guthrie is also very concerned with advocating for small businesses.

“With the downturn in the economy, an increase of minimum wage and changes in labor regulations as well as the carbon tax, they’re hurting,” he said.

“They’re trying their best to stay afloat so I’d like to advocate for a tax credit that will help at least in the first term.”

Guthrie also wants to support recall legislation, so that constituents can have the means to vote against whether they agree with their MLA or not.

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