Peter Guthrie Wins Airdrie-Cochrane UCP Nomination

Peter Guthrie Wins Airdrie-Cochrane UCP Nomination


While voting margins will not be released, it was revealed that there was a 61% voter turn out for the UCP nomination race in the Airdrie-Cochrane riding over October 18th and 20th.

Cochrane candidate, Peter Guthrie came out the front-runner and it was announced shortly after 8 pm last night (October 20) that he will lead the riding as the United Conservative Party representative for the Airdrie-Cochrane constituency.

Guthrie who was anxiously awaiting results was thrilled to learn he came out on top. “It’s a little bit overwhelming, I never wanted to think too far ahead. It’s not like a huge celebration because we’ve still got so much work ahead of us. I feel great, but we’ve got a long road.”

Russell Kossowan, President of the Airdrie-Cochrane United Conservative Party Constituency Association says the voting process went well. “Our constituents elected a great candidate. Our CA Board will undoubtedly rally behind our candidate and people are already pledging donations. October 20th was a great day for the constituents of Airdrie-Cochrane.”

With 61% of Airdrie-Cochrane UCP members turning up to vote, Guthrie shares it was absolutely amazing. “I had several constituents come up to me today and say they could not believe the lineups and the interest. The parking lot was full and if this is any indication of what we have coming up in the spring then we’re going to have a landslide.”

Guthrie wants supporters to remain cautious yet optimistic. “I want people to think that we’re behind but at the same time, especially in this constituency, I feel a change is coming.”

Competing alongside Guthrie were Cochranites Laura Talsma and Morgan Nagel along with Airdrie resident, Mauri Stiff. “I talked to the candidates tonight and every one of us worked so hard and I think everything we did, they were always upping the ante and it made each one of us work harder and harder. I have a lot of respect for everyone that ran and I really hope that I can draw upon their experiences to work together going forward because we absolutely need it to win this next election.”

While Guthrie may take the night off, I don’t think it will be long before he is back on the streets. “One of the things I have said several times to people is that if I want to be different as a politician then I actually need to be different as a politician. It can’t just be lip service, I got here through integrity and through hard work and I want to continue to do that.”

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